After the huge success of Man of La Mancha last year, Muse Productions will return to their roots, in more ways than one. In choosing two small cast comedies, director Ted Germaine is drawing on a long tradition of using the format of such plays to showcase new talent and grow the company.

Bouncers and its companion piece Shakers, written by John Godber and Jane Thornton, use comedy and drama to show the multiple aspects of a single night out, from the perspective of cocktail waitresses, the bouncers, their customers, and would-be customers.
Over the course of the two hours, we will meet a few posh gits, some chavs, a hairdresser, a barber, some girls on the town, shop assistants and of course, the Bouncers and Shakers.
The first play, Bouncers, brings together Muse stalwart Eoghan Rice, newcomers Emmet Ryan and Pa Woulfe with the ever-popular Aodan Fox in his first role with Muse.
The Shakers are headed up by comedy gem Anna Maria Barrett, together with the talented Lauren Dunne, while there is a breakout role for Tara Monaghan who spoke the opening lines in Muse’ first production of Romeo and Juliet 5 years ago.
Rounding out the cast is Sarah Griffin, in her first full role with the company, having cameoed as a prisoner in Man of La Mancha last year.
Muse is also returning to its roots in the choice of venue. According to Martin McNelis, “We’re delighted to be returning to the newly refurbished GAA Pavilion. Most of the company have performed there in the past, and it was well known as a drama venue for many years.”
Martin recalls that the genesis of Muse Productions began there with Ted Germaine’s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream and his own interpretation of One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest in 2000 and 2002.
Both were large-scale productions which revitalised the drama scene in Shannon at the time and, like Bouncers and Shakers showcased new talent mixed with experience.
Martin comments, “We are delighted to return to this revitalised new venue,  and would like to thank Dave and the Wolfe Tones’ committee for welcoming us with open arms.”
Bouncers and Shakers will run for three nights from Thursday 16th until Saturday 18th November in the Wolfe Tones GAA Pavilion. All tickets €10.