Connor Myers from Shannon is one of six young Irish designers who recently won a prestigious award YCN (You Can Now) the community of creatively minded people and organisation.

YCN held a competition as part of their annual Student Awards to create an awareness campaign for Thirsty Planet, a new brand by one of the UK’s largest independent bottled water producers. The global competition was won by a team of young third-year design students attending the Limerick School of Art & Design at LIT made up of Connor Myers, Cathy Hogan and Niamh Cusack. Recently the young students learned that Thirsty Planet

Recently the young students learned that Thirsty Planet is adapting some for their designs for their products with the intention of bringing them to market later in the year.

Thirsty Planet is produced by Harrogate Water Brands, a company that dates back to 1571. The brand was launched in 1971 with the remit of giving something back to those who need it. Today Thirsty Planet partners with the charity Pump Aid, providing clean water solutions in Africa and has donated over £1.9m to the charity.

Connor and his team are eagerly looking forward to attending the gala YCN Awards Ceremony to be held in London in the autumn. Connor is especially grateful to the wonderful art teachers in St Patrick’s Comprehensive and LIT who encouraged him to follow his dreams into the wonderful world of art.

Meanwhile back at home, mum Alice is beaming with pride!