Last week the Husqvarna Automower roadshow visited Maloney Garden Machinery and their technician Andy Walsh introduced a local audience to the concept of robotic lawnmowers.

Husqvarna has a range of automaker suitable for different sizes of lands and gardens. Andy explained that the concept is like having a very low-maintenance sheep grazing away on your lawn. Essentially the mower takes care of all the grass cutting so you get to have your time back while also maintaining a healthy lawn.

The mower operates on a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery and electric motor and is entirely eco-friendly. You won’t need to use any fertilisers as the clippings are so small and act as a natural fertiliser. This promotes better grass growth and overall better soil health, giving you a greener and fuller-looking lawn.

Automower is weather-proof, built to withstand challenging conditions with a robust exterior to prevent damage to its electrical components. The top of the range models even come with satellite navigation and a smart app to keep you in control of efficient mowing the most demanding grass areas, they can also handle steep slopes with a 45-degree incline.

Cutting height is adjustable at the touch of a button and with the smart app, all changes can be applied electronically. When you set your robotic mower to work, it will operate in a random cutting pattern to cover your garden. Onboard sensors and guide wires help guide it to cut every single inch of your garden.

Safety features are built in so that the mower will stop automatically if for any reason it tips over. A security system prevents children from tampering with the controls. Additionally, a text alert will be sent to your phone if the mower notices any unusual activity.

These mowers are selling fast, according to Andy there were 1,000 sold in Ireland last year and he expects to sell 3,000 this year. In Sweden 9,000 per year are bought. For further information on the automower call to Maloney Garden Machinery or call Francis at  061 364300.