A new novel by local author and RTE Morning Ireland presenter Rachel English is on the bestselling lists for summer reading and available in all good bookshops.

The Night of the Party by Rachel English. Reviewed by  Cathy McCafferty

The year is 1982 in the fictional village of Kilmitten, Co. Clare. Tom, Conor, Tess and Nina are 13-year-old school friends huddled together in Tom Crossan’s back shed. Tom sneaked a few beers to share and the four friends are having a laugh while the village socialites get drunk and messy in his family home.

When the beer is finished, they cajole Tom to slip into the kitchen for a few more. Off he goes but when he gets to the kitchen Tom is met with the sight of the parish priest dead on the floor with a head wound. Shocked and numbed, Tom decides that the best course of action is to say nothing to his friends about what he had just seen. Returning to the shed without any beer, he decides to call it a night as it’s getting late.

Naturally, the priest’s death sends shockwaves throughout the entire community and soon the village is crawling with Gardaí and detectives down from Dublin to identify the killer. From the outset, it was suspected that the murderer was an outside passing through. 

Fast forward more than 35 years and Conor is now a high-ranking Garda based in Dublin. Tom is a politician, Tess is a world-famous beauty now living in England and Nina is a school teacher. Despite the passage of time, the priest’s death remains unsolved.

The Night of the Party is Rachel’s 4th novel, a real page-turner, you can’t wait to find out what happens next. Well no spoilers from me, you will have to buy the book and find out by yourself.

I have read all Rachel’s novels and this one tops the poll for me! As a writer, she is getting better and better all the time. On a recent visit home to Shannon, Rachel stopped in at Eason in SkyCourt and said she has already started on her next book. I’m looking forward to it already!

Treat yourself to one of Rachel English’s books and, like me, you will become a firm follower. The Night of the Party is available from all good bookshops in County Clare and throughout the country.