Newly resurfaced pathways along the River Walk in Shannon Town are a very welcome resource for local residents and visitors alike. Clare County Council is to be congratulated for providing these excellent paths which offer wonderful scenic views on spacious pathways that meander along the banks of the River Shannon and through forest greenery.

Already the paths have attracted many newcomers including families with young children, walkers, runners, dog walkers and retired people, all enjoying the peaceful views.
Shannon Town Utd was the first local club to capitalise on the resource when they made the most of the paths for a fundraising run and walk.
Unfortunately, however, the peace and tranquillity are sometimes interrupted by a small number of individuals who have taken to driving cars, motorcycles and electric scooters along the paths.
While the walkways are wide enough for local authority vehicles to provide maintenance and other services, they are not intended for motor vehicles of any kind.
The photo above shows an electric scooter with a pillion passenger being driven along the path at forcing walkers off to one side. Article 13 of the Road Traffic Regulations 1997 states: “a vehicle shall not be driven along or across a footway”. It is also an offence to cycle on a footpath, unless you are entering or exiting a property or you are cycling on a cycle lane.
A scooter powered by mechanical or electrical power alone, and not requiring pedalling or scooting for propulsion, is considered to be a mechanically propelled vehicle (MPV), in terms of road traffic legislation.
To drive an electric scooter in a public place requires the driver to have insurance and road tax as with any other MPV.
A driver should also wear a crash helmet, not just to comply with the law but to prevent head injury. In fact, it is the driver’s responsibility to ensure that a passenger is wearing a helmet when the vehicle is being used in a public place.
Enjoy this wonderful new Riverwalk resource that has been provided for our community, but please respect other users and refrain from driving cars, motorcycles and electric scooters.